AVi8 Air Capital Chairman & CEO Ray Sisson moderates key Airbus and Boeing panel at Airfinance NY conference

Ray Sisson, AVi8’s Chairman & CEO, moderated a key panel at the Airfinance North America conference taking place in NY.

Panel topic, “Are the book to bill ratios of Boeing & Airbus the signs of a downturn?”

Some of the key points discussed were:

  • It will be the first time since 2009 either manufacturer falls short of their book to bill of one; what this could mean.
  • Will Boeing & Airbus be able to shift older generation planes…how and where: to other airlines or into retirement.
  • Trends in rates of deferrals and cancellations.
  • Key financing trends, will credit tighten significantly and how could that impact deliveries near-term.
  • Do these factors point to a near-term downturn?
  • The impact that low cost jet fuel, over a year now at around $50 per barrel, allowing older generation aircraft to stay viable and profitable in fleets, standing in the way of new aircraft taking their place.
  • New technology aircraft introductory issues phasing into fleets.

Ray was joined on the panel by: Francois Collet, Vice President, Structured Finance – Banks and Capital Markets, Airbus and Wendy Sowers, Director of Product Forecasting, Boeing Commercial Airplanes